Definition of Great Seal in English:

Great Seal


  • A seal used for the authentication of state documents of the highest importance. That of the UK is held by the Lord Chancellor and that of the US by the Secretary of State.

    • ‘Originally, its holder was responsible for the monarch's personal seal (as opposed to the Great Seal of state, which is in the care of the Lord Chancellor).’
    • ‘The Chancellor's Department dealt with the judiciary and it was also the custodian of the Great Seal to authenticate government decrees.’
    • ‘Whatever you think of the demise of Hatton's office 400 years later, this week you can visit the house in Croydon where he received his Great Seal.’
    • ‘In front of the mogul are a vinyl binder embossed with the Great Seal of the United States, a White House pen and pencil set, and a White House coffee mug.’
    • ‘It is recorded that in this Gallery in 1587 she conferred the Great Seal of England on Sir Christopher Hatton, making him her Lord Chancellor.’
    • ‘We nodded, and he handed us our pink and blue marriage certificate, stamped with the Great Seal of the State of California.’
    • ‘This special day not only celebrates the anniversary of the image of the bald eagle being adopted for The Great Seal of the United States, but also focuses awareness on the national bird's welfare.’
    • ‘Two hundred and twenty years ago - on June 20, 1782-the bald eagle became an American icon when the Second Continental Congress decided to use its image on The Great Seal.’
    • ‘The Great Seal depicts a sailing ship like that which carried the American settlers to Africa, a palm tree, and a plow and ax with the motto ‘The Love of Liberty Brought Us Here.’’
    • ‘But the crowd was unconvinced; the real Edward must prove his claim to the crown: for weeks the Great Seal had been missing, and the true Prince of Wales would know where it was.’
    • ‘Patriotism, for example, is revealed in early nineteenth-century weather vanes and textiles that include American flags, figures of Liberty, and the Great Seal.’
    • ‘Here the front and back of the Great Seal of the United States are on either side of a ‘ONE’ in large letters at the center of the rectangular design.’
    • ‘The front cover featured only the Great Seal of the State of Montana.’
    • ‘The Registrar General is appointed under the Great Seal.’
    • ‘Knighted that year, he was appointed to a succession of posts which, like his father, culminated in the Keeper of the Great Seal.’