Definition of green room in English:

green room


  • A room in a theatre or studio in which performers can relax when they are not performing.

    • ‘In fact, he rarely gets a speaking role so spends most of his days stuck in a green room with other extras, envying the A-list stars.’
    • ‘When I got backstage for the interval the green room was still fairly quiet.’
    • ‘The more sanguine can be found in the green room, drinking cups of tea, gossiping and smoking with other equally sanguine cast members and eternally bored understudies.’
    • ‘Afterward, in the green room, his wife, Felicia, said to me, that's the first time Jack's ever said that in public.’
    • ‘I was also given access to the green room after the show where I would be able to rub shoulders with these brilliant men who meant so much to me as a teenager.’


green room