Definition of greenwash in English:



(also greenwashing)
  • Disinformation disseminated by an organization so as to present an environmentally responsible public image.

    ‘the recycling bins in the cafeteria are just feeble examples of their corporate greenwash’
    • ‘If the company suggests ‘self-regulation,’ its public image-making is probably greenwash.’
    • ‘Can business use its brands to benefit the environment or is that just greenwash?’
    • ‘These masters of climate greenwash have undergone expensive corporate makeovers and now present themselves as leaders in reducing CO2 emissions and supporting renewable energy.’
    • ‘Said one activist, ‘Most of us have given up on the summit process as another greenwash.’’
    • ‘Oh, it's going from bad to worse, and the real art in this conference is weasel-words, and greenwash.’
    • ‘This has exasperated Pepper: ‘If Holyrood cannot verify [wood sourcing], then this totemic building with its fine aspirations of ethical purchasing will have to be dismissed as greenwash,’ he said.’
    • ‘But while some of the biggest corporations in the world have promised us that they will deliver sustainable development, instead, they've delivered a mother lode of greenwash.’
    • ‘The concept of a 4 X 4 saving the planet is a complete contradiction - it is the ultimate example of greenwash.’
    • ‘But for anti-whaling campaigners, this tragicomic greenwash is the least of a series of bitter ironies that look set to ring in a return to commercial whaling.’
    • ‘The lawsuits, marketing guidelines and the self-policing nature of the industry have been effective at curbing blatant greenwash.’
    • ‘Even though 99.9 percent of manufacturers are probably honest and sincere, Ashkin says, greenwash is still alive and well.’
    • ‘The summit is a greenwash of the same things we have heard from G8 summits and the World Trade Organisation.’
    • ‘It seems, though, that despite the greenwash, the study has made an impact on the Brazilian government.’
    • ‘But if you ignore the greenwash, this road will generate more traffic and as a result there will be more pollution, global warming and health problems.’
    • ‘What are the key principles for avoiding greenwash and creating credibility in corporate environmental messages?’
    • ‘The company's ‘Profits and Principles’ ad series stretched the boundaries of corporate greenwash to further extremes.’
    • ‘But armed with their set of criteria, you'll know whether an establishment's claims of eco-friendliness is truly green or just greenwash.’
    • ‘But the UK government is also taking important steps that, in the medium term, will be a powerful deterrent against greenwash.’
    • ‘Unless we start to see some signs of holistic thinking in planning, the five new Brown Towns might yet prove to be little more than ‘greenwash’.’
    • ‘When you line up the measures proposed by Australia, Palau and many other countries, it is clear the Commission´s proposal is nothing more than greenwash.’



/ˈɡrēnwôSH/ /ˈɡrinwɔʃ/ /ˈɡrēnwäSH/ /ˈɡrinwɑʃ/


1980s from green, on the pattern of whitewash.