Definition of greige in English:



  • A color between beige and gray.

    ‘They liked the idea of simplicity and honesty, the almost-Japanese restraint of his palette: grey, greeny-grey, greige, and all those distinctive non-colours.’
    • ‘I love the small greige (new in’ colour, a mix of grey and beige) pleat bag - it folds flat for easy travel, great for a weekend away.’
    • ‘Sections devoted to elaborately beaded, exquisitely embroidered and sleekly tailored garments in black and white, red, greige (Armani's trademark, a subtle mixture of grey and beige) or romantic floral prints, are accompanied by text comparing them to the paintings of Ad Reinhardt, Rothko and Matisse.’
    pale, pastel, light-toned



/ɡrāZH/ /ɡreɪʒ/


Blend of gray and beige, perhaps influenced by French grège ‘raw (silk)’.