Definition of Grenadian in English:



  • Relating to or characteristic of Grenada or its people.

    ‘a popular place for Grenadian families’
    • ‘The Grenadian international is slated to join the club in Tucson, Arizona, to resume preseason training.’
    • ‘The impressive waterside eatery is famous for seafood and local fish dishes melded from Grenadian and European recipes.’
    • ‘My friend's mother loved me because I was cute and apparently half Grenadian, and she was Grenadian.’
    • ‘Traditional Grenadian entertainment, including the Tivoli Drummers and a 40 piece steel band, literally play their hearts out.’
    • ‘He was born in west London to Grenadian parents.’


  • A native or inhabitant of Grenada.

    ‘the Grenadians were the most jubilant of all’
    • ‘The whole Chelsea operation is masterminded by Gaywood, a Grenadian who is resident in England.’
    • ‘I was really lucky to get a chance to stay with a native Grenadian.’
    • ‘He is one of 10 Grenadians competing in the London Olympics.’
    • ‘Grenadians not only use nutmeg daily in food, it also symbolises national pride, virility and even life itself.’
    • ‘My time in Grenada was both educational and delightful as I learned much about the culture of the Grenadians.’