Definition of grey seal in English:

grey seal


  • A large seal with a spotted greyish coat and a convex profile, found commonly in the North Atlantic.

    Halichoerus grypus, family Phocidae

    • ‘Harbor and gray seals are fairly common around the Iles de la Madeleine and can be easily spotted in their natural habitat.’
    • ‘The order, which came into effect on September 4, extended bans on killing either common or harbour seals in waters around Scotland, and grey seals in the Moray Firth.’
    • ‘In UK waters common and grey seals can be found around much of the coastline, often in colonies numbering thousands.’
    • ‘Atlantic grey seals popped their heads up and inspected us, and a family of eider ducks dived down through the clear green water.’
    • ‘The UK population of grey seals now stands at just over 124,000 animals UK-wide with more than 90% of the breeding population in Scotland.’