Main definitions of grill in English

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  • 1British A device on a cooker that radiates heat downwards for cooking food.

    ‘place under a hot grill’
    as modifier ‘a grill pan’
    • ‘Scatter over the breadcrumbs and place under a hot grill, a good few inches from the heat, until golden.’
    • ‘Depending on the heat of your grill, this will take 7-10 minutes.’
    • ‘Return the peppers to the grill pan and sprinkle with the Parmesan cheese.’
    • ‘Brushing the kebabs with olive oil, I stick them under the grill and start preparing the salad.’
    • ‘Put the sardines into a small ovenproof dish and place under the grill till they sizzle - it will take around five minutes.’
    grill, rotisserie
    1. 1.1A gridiron used for cooking food on an open fire.
      • ‘The entrance led past an open kitchen with a vast wood burning oven and open charcoal grills.’
      • ‘There were few people at the moment, but there were barbecue pits with picnic tables and four large covered areas with huge open grills and rows of tables.’
      • ‘Grill small sardines on the open grill and serve with a twist of lemon and a healthy shake of freshly ground black pepper.’
      • ‘If using a charcoal grill, preheat it to medium.’
      • ‘The weather was good as the steaks sizzled away on the giant barbeque grills along side baked jacket potatoes.’
    2. 1.2A dish of grilled food, especially meat.
      • ‘An elegant fusion of Asian and Western elements in the design extends to the dishes - noodles, pasta, tempura, grills and rotisserie - on offer throughout the day and evening.’
      • ‘The bar menu sounded fine with all the usual pub grub favourites including steak pie, grills and fish dishes, but we decided to go for the extra elbow room in the restaurant.’
      • ‘Their tasty South East Asian fare includes noodles, grills, steamed fish and salads, and diners get to sit on communal benches where the quick turnover suits those with little time.’
      • ‘But hoummos has another, second life as an accompaniment to simple grills, served on the side in the same way that you would serve mashed potato or a parsnip purée.’
      • ‘We had a lovely night and the mixed grill and steak pie were lovely.’
    3. 1.3A restaurant serving grilled food.
      in names ‘the Savoy Grill’
      • ‘The local Indian restaurant has become a grill room, with South African and Australian flags outside.’
      • ‘There's an authentic 1930's cocktail bar, a delightful, parasol-covered garden café and an elegant grill room beneath the spectacular cupola, with mosaic floors and stained glass windows.’
      • ‘Very friendly front-of-house, nice bar area and both the grill and the restaurant offer pretty views of a windy forecourt between four skyscrapers.’
      • ‘The 7,200-square-foot clubhouse includes a golf shop, dining and grill rooms overlooking the picturesque golf course, banquet facilities, and complete men's and women's locker rooms.’
      • ‘There's also the need for food, whether it's a burger from the beach grill or a fancy upscale restaurant.’


[with object]
  • 1Cook (food) using a grill.

    ‘grill the trout for five minutes’
    • ‘You can also prepare meals in a more healthy way, for example baking or grilling foods instead of frying.’
    • ‘To grill bell peppers, rinse them and cut them in half lengthwise; then discard stems and seeds.’
    • ‘They were intending to grill a burger or two when Mary realized that neither of them had any means of lighting the coals.’
    • ‘Josh let her in and they walked out the back door to where Matt was attempting to grill steaks.’
    • ‘The men were drinking beer and grilling sausages on gas-fired barbecues.’
    • ‘The lone server at the counter is welcoming, makes suggestions, and easily takes our order, makes the juices and grills our sandwiches inside four minutes.’
    • ‘The thick pork was nicely grilled, yet the mustard taste came only from a mustard dressing smeared on top.’
    • ‘So, once everything is mixed together, grill the burgers and bacon.’
    • ‘Piri-piri sauce, usually used as a marinade, is fiery and oily, which makes it perfect for roasted or grilled meats.’
    • ‘Delicious, light and airy ciabatta bread was lightly grilled and spread with aioli.’
    • ‘Roasted and ground to a paste, they make the famous satay sauce for meat grilled on skewers.’
    • ‘The chicken is then grilled and the marinade is heated and poured over it.’
    • ‘Then there's roast turkey, prime rib, or grilled steak for dinner.’
    • ‘Braised kidneys are liked in France, and kidneys grilled on skewers are popular in the Near and Middle East.’
    • ‘Split the muffins and lightly grill the insides only.’
    • ‘Small tasty dishes such as grilled aubergine, peppers and courgettes or bruschetta are there to get your stomach interested.’
    • ‘If I want something light I have the freshly grilled tuna with vegetables.’
    • ‘Hey, what do you think about grilling some chicken on the barbecue for dinner?’
    • ‘I think it had been brushed with butter, well seasoned, then grilled.’
    • ‘Fish is boiled or grilled over open fires and eaten by hand.’
    cook, bake, grill
  • 2informal Subject (someone) to intense questioning or interrogation.

    ‘my father grilled us about what we had been doing’
    • ‘I went in to ask them questions, and they ended up grilling me for about six hours.’
    • ‘Analysts have taken a mischievous delight in grilling him at meetings; he cannot hide his irritation at being asked questions he would rather not answer.’
    • ‘John then began grilling him about how many employers had been indicted in Southern California for hiring illegals.’
    • ‘They had started grilling him at 2.45 pm but it was not until long after sunset that the prosecutors played what they saw as their master card.’
    • ‘My mom took to grilling me almost daily on my plans and goals.’
    • ‘Simon, my husband, was baby-sitting and when he grilled me on my return, I admitted my date hadn't been Jill.’
    • ‘He was grilled by students, parents, teachers and children opposed to his flagship university policy.’
    • ‘A search warrant was produced while he was ushered into the living room where he was grilled for 15 minutes.’
    • ‘He was grilled in the witness box for 15 days by the prosecution and defence barristers.’
    • ‘Every time I come home from school, they grill me about what I learned that day.’
    • ‘It turned out to be an excuse to stand in the kitchen for fifteen minutes and grill me about mine and Lisa's wedding plans.’
    • ‘She's been grilling me about what happened last Saturday with Owen, as if anything's going to happen, for hours now.’
    • ‘Joe was full of interest in me, but I almost felt like he was grilling me for some weird reason, digging for something.’
    • ‘You tell me you're coming over to talk to Tom, but then the two of you wind up grilling me on my wedding plans.’
    • ‘Knowing Jen the way I do she'll probably grill me until I tell her everything.’
    • ‘She was waiting at the door when we came around the corner ready to grill us.’
    • ‘I spent the entire flight reading serious magazines like Newsweek to try and fill my mind with stuff he might grill me on.’
    • ‘The group gathered round, not yet decided as to whether they were going to thank him for the free holidays or grill him for information.’
    • ‘I was basically grilled for an hour and a half rather than interviewed.’
    • ‘Earlier this month, defence officials were grilled for seven hours by members of the committee.’
    questioning, cross-questioning, cross-examination, quizzing, probing, inquisition, catechism


Mid 17th century from French gril (noun), griller (verb), from Old French graille ‘grille’.




Main definitions of grill in English

: grill1grill2



variant spelling of grille