Definition of grille in English:


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(also grill)
  • A grating or screen of metal bars or wires, placed in front of something as protection or to allow ventilation or discreet observation.

    ‘I looked through the grille into the church’
    • ‘a radiator grille’
    • ‘a security grille’
    • ‘At least 11 of the 15 small shops surrounding the square are barricaded with graffiti-covered metal grilles.’
    • ‘The windows were covered with a lattice of thick metal grilles, and the doors were of reinforced steel.’
    • ‘And although the cost of replacing the six large windows will be met by insurance, vicar Paul Wilson has decided to have metal grilles installed over the new windows to protect them.’
    • ‘Some are so fearful of intruders their doors are protected by extra security grilles and Mrs Cooper's house had its own security camera.’
    • ‘It's the sort of place where you have carriage lights around the doors and security grilles on the windows.’
    grid, latticework, fretwork, open framework, openwork, trellis, trelliswork, network, mesh, web, webbing, netting, net, tracery, interlacing, reticulation, reticulum, grate, grating, grille, grillwork, criss-cross, matrix



/ɡril/ /ɡrɪl/


Mid 17th century from French, from medieval Latin, craticula, diminutive of cratis ‘hurdle’; related to crate, grate, and griddle.