Definition of grind away in English:

grind away

phrasal verb

  • Work or study hard.

    ‘he began to grind away in a job as a research assistant’
    • ‘He has continued to grind away at the project to which he dedicated himself more than a decade ago.’
    • ‘You just have to keep grinding away and hope that it happens for you.’
    • ‘It's more flexible, it's clean, your're scheduled to meet your clients and left alone with them, instead of grinding away to meet quotas and schedules with bosses looking over your shoulder.’
    • ‘It really is encouraging to the guys who have been here grinding away.’
    • ‘Keeping up the illusion of grinding away at the same old job isn't enough, however.’
    • ‘That is the Third Division, you have to battle and grind away.’
    • ‘Some people think that the only practical way to work is to take a single task and grind away until it is done, and then look around to determine what is the right next piece of work to do.’
    • ‘It's quite depressing for the kind of writers who grind away at it for years sort of honing their craft and then do the book.’
    • ‘You use it only when you feel that the other side is simply grinding away to get the last penny off your price.’
    • ‘It's going to take a bunch of us grinding away at it full-time to make this stuff work.’