Definition of grinder in English:



  • 1A machine used for grinding something.

    ‘a coffee grinder’
    • ‘Hand grinders or spice mills range from $15 to $60 and can be purchased at most culinary stores.’
    • ‘The company recently unveiled a state-of-the-art assembly plant in which to assemble stainless steel pumps, grinders and other major equipment.’
    • ‘Tip them into an electric grinder - or use a mortar and pestle - and grind until coarse.’
    • ‘Some tyre companies solve this by using a wire brush, or worse a grinder, to smooth rough areas on the wheel, but this removes metal, which weakens the wheel and is not recommended for safety.’
    • ‘The machine pushes the tree down, and then the grinder mulches it.’
    • ‘The spokesman said: ‘We had to use axle grinders to cut the metal open.’’
    • ‘The trucks carry the oil sands from the mine to the grinders.’
    • ‘Laurie was an employee of Scott Paper Company, Sheet Harbour for many years, working on the grinders.’
    • ‘Among the huge haul of tools taken from Mr Walker's farm were two chainsaws, jacks, grinders and spanners.’
    • ‘Coffee grinders are cheap, the time taken is minimal and the results are wonderful.’
    • ‘The grinder can be found in high-end design stores worldwide, further attesting to its appeal.’
    • ‘Please note that most grinders are tested at the manufacturer and coffee grounds may be found in the grinder as a result.’
    • ‘Quality coffee grinders are essential equipment to any coffee lover's kitchen.’
    • ‘Using a meat grinder fitted with the large die, grind pork mixture.’
    • ‘An electric meat grinder may cost $100 or more.’
    • ‘"Here's the electric coffee grinder, sweetheart, " I pointed out, coming up behind her.’
    • ‘Each table has a flower and a candle and your own black pepper grinder.’
    • ‘In a spice grinder, pulverize red pepper flakes and juniper to a powder.’
    • ‘Grind all the ingredients together in a spice grinder or with a mortar and pestle.’
    • ‘Grind the leg meat through a grinder fitted with the medium die attachment and set aside.’
    grinder, quern, crusher
    1. 1.1A person employed to grind cutlery, tools, or cereals.
      • ‘But one day on the job as a tool grinder in January 1993 he suffered an aneurysm.’
      • ‘The craft based nature of this industry, which relied upon quasi-autonomous cutlers and grinders to complete ‘put-out’ work, is reflected in the often humble physical form of the buildings that were used.’
      • ‘He now considered more complex systems and employed Christopher Tooke as a lens grinder from early 1605.’
      • ‘I was also impressed by the evidence proffered by the defendant with respect to what jobs might be available for a grinder, including the evidence of an employer who actually hired grinders that year.’
      • ‘I met crankshaft grinders and engine assemblers who could discuss the ROI of their machine tools.’
      • ‘‘A grinder and a mechanic’ is what he calls himself.’
      • ‘There are many areas of specialisation in this field: gem grinders, gem polishers, gem assorters, jewellery setters, researchers and scientists.’
      • ‘Family members and workers are allocated different tasks, from core-makers to grinders and welders.’
      • ‘Metal grinder Scott Smith, who has worked for R & T Swann for six years, said there were 19 redundancies in total and those affected got written notification last week.’
      • ‘Admittedly, that evidence was not perfect for the defendant in that the evidence of Mr. Dieger was that a lot of their hiring is done by word of mouth and they do not advertise for grinders.’
  • 2A molar tooth.

    ‘It was a quadruped, gramnivorous, with 40 teeth, namely 24 grinders, 4 eye teeth and 12 incisive.’
    ‘In Philadelphia, Dr. Caspar Wistar, the nation's foremost anatomist, showed Lewis the animal's giant grinders.’
    1. 2.1grindersinformal The teeth.
      ‘To know this Cooper country properly you've nearly got to cut your grinders here.’
      ‘Had a dentist been extracting Harry's own grinders at that moment, would he have been expected to mind his cards, and deal them neatly…’
  • 3US informal

    another term for submarine (sense 2 of the noun)

    • ‘Is it a sub, a hero, a hoagie, a grinder, a foot-long or a po'boy?’
    • ‘A huge, mouthwatering grinder stared back at me, adorned with lettuce and tomato and pickles and everything else I loved.’
    • ‘Choose from one of our delicious grinder sandwiches.’
    • ‘Please indicate cheese or no cheese and if you would like the grinder toasted.’