Definition of grison in English:


Pronunciation /ˈɡrizən/ /ˈɡrɪzən/


  • A weasel-like mammal with dark fur and a white stripe across the forehead, found in Central and South America.

    Genus Galictis, family Mustelidae: two species

    ‘The lesser grison is native to regions of central and southern South America.’
    • ‘The grison hunts both night and day, and is often seen in small groups.’
    • ‘The tayra is larger than the grison, and while the grison lives on the ground in more open country, the tayra is a forest animal and lives in trees.’
    • ‘The grison has a greater resemblance to the weasel than to any other animal.’


Late 18th century from French, from gris ‘gray’.