Definition of grist for the mill in English:

grist for the mill

(also grist for someone's mill)


  • Useful experience, material, or knowledge.

    ‘The shape of the market is going to change but this will be more grist to our mill.’
    • ‘If you can think of any more good ones, then please let me know; it will all be grist to my mill.’
    • ‘The inevitable violence of their response was grist to his mill.’
    • ‘Gun control, crime statistics, global warming and passive smoking are grist to his mill.’
    • ‘He is a great talker, a charming and incurable optimist, and everything is grist to his mill.’
    • ‘There's no such thing as a bad experience, it's all just grist to the mill.’
    • ‘But what is needed first is intellectual grist to the mill - serious ideas discussed by good minds, widely debated, offering the public something to get its teeth into.’
    • ‘It all adds grist to the mill of those who claim that unless trained police officers are in charge, corners will always be cut by firms with one eye on the profit margin.’
    • ‘But it will fall back to a level of immobility and indecisiveness that can only add grist to the mill of the neoliberals.’
    • ‘James Joyce valued the everyday, but only if it could be grist to the mill of his highly formal art.’