Definition of grogram in English:



  • A coarse fabric made of silk, often combined with mohair or wool and stiffened with gum.

    ‘He was well known for wearing ‘grogram’ a course silk fabric which he apparently had made into a boat cloak and perhaps trousers.’
    • ‘This move was ordered by Admiral Vernon, who was famous for his grogram cloak - hence the term ‘grog’ for the rum and water mixture, and the consequent sensation of grogginess.’
    • ‘I give my daughter Sarah 12 yards of black grogram to make her a gown.’
    • ‘In 1740, British Admiral Vernon (whose nickname was ‘Old Grogram’ for the cloak of grogram which he wore) ordered that the sailors’ daily ration of rum be diluted with water.’
    • ‘His nickname of ‘Old Grog’ came from his habit of wearing grogram breeches (grogram was a strong, coarse material made of silk and mohair).’



/ˈɡräɡrəm/ /ˈɡrɑɡrəm/


Mid 16th century from French gros grain ‘coarse grain’ (see also grosgrain).