Definition of grooming in English:



mass noun
  • 1The practice of brushing and cleaning the coat of a horse, dog, or other animal.

    ‘regular grooming is essential to the well-being of your dog’
    • ‘Wash your pet outdoors or talk to your veterinarian about professional pet grooming.’
    • ‘Shih Tzu can require careful daily grooming.’
    • ‘Unless a camper or owns a horse or pony, it's hard for riders to learn proper grooming, tacking, feeding, and equine first aid.’
    • ‘Proper grooming helps develop a bond between owner and horse and should never be neglected or rushed.’
    • ‘Dogs which require constant grooming may not work well in a farming family.’
    • ‘If you fancy a smart, agile cat that requires little grooming, the Bombay has much to recommend itself.’
    • ‘Dogs also require regular grooming, as all dogs shed hair.’
    • ‘You should also explore how much grooming or maintenance each new furry addition to your family requires.’
    • ‘The old English sheepdog needs a lot of grooming and exercise and so is not suitable for the fast paced urban lifestyles of many people.’
    • ‘To avoid the clumping or matting of hair in long-haired cats, grooming with a brush or comb is recommended.’
    • ‘She has done a service to the dog loving community with this detailed instruction manual on proper grooming techniques.’
    • ‘A prospective owner must reserve time for daily grooming to keep this breed looking good.’
    1. 1.1The practice by an animal of cleaning its own or another animal's fur or skin.
      ‘mutual grooming expresses the friendly relationship between cats’
      • ‘Non-reciprocal grooming will be directed primarily to high-ranking females.’
      • ‘If your cat is ill it should be obvious—excessive grooming, general change in the behaviour, or a haunted look in the eyes.’
      • ‘Degu engage in behaviors such play behavior, reciprocal grooming, and dust bathing.’
      • ‘Mutual grooming expresses camaraderie among horses and helps wild ones bond into a herd.’
      • ‘The two boy cats are devoted to each other, and spend most of the night in mutual grooming.’
      • ‘Cats aren't by nature lazy about grooming themselves and the results of poor personal hygiene can be distressing for them.’
      • ‘Elderly gentleman cats tend to leave grooming behind them. ’
      • ‘A common positive interaction between horses is mutual grooming.’
      • ‘In a multi-cat household, mutual grooming is a sign of trust and friendship’
      • ‘If you observe mutual grooming between the two gerbils, this can be a great sign that they are a good match for one another.’
    2. 1.2The practice of keeping a neat and tidy appearance.
      ‘she pays great attention to grooming and clothes’
      • ‘Many women don't realize the extraordinary difference a little eyebrow grooming can do for their image.’
      • ‘Her style, deportment, and immaculate grooming have clearly won her an army of admirers.’
      • ‘Clothes must always be immaculately clean and pressed, fastidious grooming is critical, and comportment should be elegant and reserved.’
      • ‘With his impeccable grooming and his dapper dress sense, he's the kind of young man that most fans would be only too happy to bring home to mother.’
      • ‘She stood in the doorway, looking down at the little patch of pink scalp, that none of his careful grooming could hide.’
      • ‘I did all I could for the vain woman famous for her careful grooming and colorful outfits.’
      • ‘Adolescents are paranoid with the illusion that everyone is focused on their flaws, leading to excessive grooming and easy embarrassment.’
      • ‘A neat , clean-cut appearance—including meticulous grooming—will build your self-confidence and boost your chances of impressing a prospective employer.’
      • ‘The concept of hygiene has become associated with standards of personal grooming which often have little effect on individual health.’
      • ‘Upper-class and middle-class people are very conscious of grooming and dress.’
      • ‘His clothing, personal grooming, and communications style show no awareness of mainstream norms.’
  • 2The action by a paedophile of preparing a child for a meeting, especially via an Internet chat room, with the intention of committing a sexual offence.

    ‘online grooming has become a growing cause for concern’
    • ‘The bill will create an offence of sexual grooming of a child under 16 by an adult aged 18 or over.’
    • ‘The men were arrested in April and layer by layer officers unravelled an appalling campaign of systematic grooming and abuse.’
    • ‘The lecturer pleaded guilty to five counts of meeting a child following sexual grooming and five counts of sexual activity with a child.’
    • ‘Over a quarter of parents are anxious about online grooming.’
    • ‘She may have been subjected to sexual grooming from her early teens.’
    • ‘Many of the prosecutions brought against paedophiles related to online grooming.’
    • ‘He pleaded guilty to the charges of sexual activity with a child and sexual grooming.’
    • ‘The judge said harsh sentences would be passed where use of the internet had been involved, particularly in relation to the grooming of children.’
    • ‘It said abusers can hide their grooming of children if they are working for institutions that are highly regarded or respected.’
    • ‘The woman spoke out to present the truth about the grooming of young girls by older men.’