Definition of grosser in English:


Pronunciation /ˈɡrōsər/ /ˈɡroʊsər/


with adjective or noun modifier
  • A movie that earns a specified level of gross profit or income.

    ‘the 1965 film version was an even bigger grosser’
    • ‘a $50 million-plus grosser’
    • ‘Also, without adjusting anything, Ice Age 3 is still the #2 animated grosser of all-time.’
    • ‘The film is about $477 million ahead of the previous highest 8 day grosser in history.’
    • ‘The film will soon be Paramount Vantag's #2 grosser under John Lesher.’
    • ‘We are well into a period in which a $100 million grosser can lose money.’
    • ‘Open Season will quietly become Sony Animation's biggest domestic grosser ever this weekend.’
    • ‘The film has already been a major hit in France, the 11 th highest grosser of all time in the country.’
    • ‘Only an idiot could really say a $190 million domestic grosser underperformed.’
    • ‘The film is already the #2 all-time domestic stop motion grosser in initial release, behind only Chicken Run.’
    • ‘In 1998, the Top 10 international grosser did $2.2 billion.’
    • ‘Last year's biggest R rated grosser was Road to Perdition.’
    • ‘Last year, the two highest grosser came from the holiday season.’
    • ‘A $100 million grosser is an audience of roughly 16 million people.’
    • ‘The next highest grosser was Scooby Doo at $153 million.’
    • ‘The high grosser was Brokeback Mountain with $83 million domestic takings.’
    • ‘Their high grosser was The Bourne Identity with $122 million domestic.’
    • ‘Well it just passed Cars to become Pixar's #5 worldwide grosser of all time.’
    • ‘They had proved a point by making a small film that turned to be a big grosser.’
    • ‘Slumdog Millionaire passed Ben Button to become the highest grosser of the Oscar nominees this last Tuesday.’
    • ‘The only other $200 million grosser in the group was The Mummy Returns' $202 million.’
    • ‘Then again, the high grosser of that year was $217 million.’