Definition of groundwater in English:



mass noun
  • Water held underground in the soil or in pores and crevices in rock.

    • ‘They can contaminate underlying soils and groundwater or contaminate storm water which travels to bodies of surface water.’
    • ‘So it is clear what groundwater and surface water are understood to mean, and who the targets of the bylaw are.’
    • ‘In the absence of a proper clean-up of the site, chemicals are still leaking into the soil and groundwater.’
    • ‘The shallower the depth to groundwater, the less soil there is to act as a filter.’
    • ‘The main problem with the spills and overflows is the risk of fuel getting down into the soil and groundwater.’
    • ‘Have the effects on our groundwater and drinking water systems been considered?’
    • ‘She says it plans to enter into a voluntary remediation of the site's soil and groundwater.’
    • ‘They believe that the company's heavy use of groundwater is causing water shortages.’
    • ‘The fluid has boiled, but is largely undiluted by groundwater.’
    • ‘The groundwater is becoming saline as the water table sinks because of overuse, and sea water presses in.’
    • ‘This will help keep contaminated surface water from entering the well and groundwater.’
    • ‘Here on the edge of the sea, as fresh groundwater is depleted, sea-water is beginning to push in.’
    • ‘Water consumption was so heavy as to cause the infiltration of sea water into the groundwater.’
    • ‘It is environmentally sound, as it does not contaminate groundwater or use up scarce water resources.’
    • ‘But while the soil was moist the plants would not be drawing groundwater.’
    • ‘Wetlands are the storehouses of groundwater and play a key role in maintaining the water table.’
    • ‘Another problem with landfill is fluid polluting groundwater and getting into the water supply.’
    • ‘Salinity also is a problem in areas with saline groundwater, such as is found in Egypt and Israel.’
    • ‘Therefore, what happens to groundwater at one spot can easily affect the aquifer at another.’
    • ‘It determined that areas with groundwater within two metres of the surface are at high risk of dryland salinity.’