Definition of grow out in English:

grow out

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phrasal verb

  • 1(especially of a hairstyle) disappear because of normal growth.

    ‘Colette's old perm had almost grown out’
    • ‘They have a downward-pointing hook at the end of their upper beak that grows out and disappears by the time the nestlings fledge.’
    • ‘What are some good styling options for short relaxed hair as a perm grows out?’
    • ‘Experience has shown that each notched lobster will probably go through two breeding cycles before the mark grows out and it can legally be landed.’
    • ‘I dyed the bright red out of my fringe because the bleach was growing out and I can't afford to get it done again and I can't be bothered doing it myself so now I am a polite shade of chocolate brown.’
    • ‘I also bought a box of hair dye to even out the tones because I'd had my hair highlighted months ago and it's growing out and looked nasty.’
    • ‘Don't go for a colour that's too radically different from your natural state: nothing looks worse than the roots growing out look.’
    • ‘At Leicester, I'd have it blond for six months and then let it grow out to its natural colour for six months.’
    • ‘And I'm sure that bald patch won't take too long to grow out.’
    • ‘A complete cure, when it is achieved, takes a year, the amount of time required for the infected nail to grow out completely.’
    • ‘Unlike laser treatment, the hairs aren't vaporised, but grow out over a week.’
    1. 1.1grow something out, grow out somethingAllow the hair to grow in order to change the style.
      • ‘I've decided to grow my layers out’