Definition of grow out of in English:

grow out of

phrasal verb

  • 1Become too large to wear (a garment)

    ‘blazers that they grew out of’
    • ‘Then there are doctor's bills and medicine and clothes that they grow out of practically before they have a chance to wear them.’
    • ‘If the school has a long list of uniform requirements the costs can mount up rapidly, particularly as the child might quickly grow out of an expensive blazer or need new sports shoes.’
    • ‘I made my bed thoughtfully - it was lucky I was nearing sixteen and wasn't going to be here long enough to grow out of my clothes and then be made to wear second hands.’
    • ‘Buying clothes that suit either a boy or a girl is a good choice, because the chances are great the baby will grow out of it long before it is worn out.’
    1. 1.1Become too mature to retain (a childish habit)
      ‘most children grow out of tantrums by the time they're three’
      • ‘As it happens, lying was a habit my friend grew out of.’
      • ‘It's much easier to go along with your toddler and humour his needs until he grows out of these strange habits.’
      • ‘I do blame smoking in public for my habit, alongside peer pressure - something you never grow out of.’
      • ‘People grow out of so many things in time, habits that fall away as they shed their youth and see that some things have no real future.’
      • ‘It's funny how you expect, as you mature, that you will grow out of some of the attitudes you used to carry.’
      • ‘On the pitch, where he has been shown 24 yellow cards and one red since moving to England, the dissent and petulant retaliation of which he is also accused are weaknesses he claims to be growing out of.’
      • ‘‘He has to have brain scans and he's got chronic lung disease which keeps him on a ventilator but we've been told he'll grow out of that,’ she said.’
      • ‘This is one of the things that teenagers are supposed to grow out of when they become adults - a monomanical self-centeredness.’
      • ‘Honesty is the key to a good romance so just chill out and you'll see that this is just a stage in your life that you will eventually grow out of if you just relax and be yourself.’
      • ‘Unfortunately, lying is not something that we grow out of.’