Definition of guac in English:



informal North American
  • Guacamole.

    • ‘we got chips, salsa, and guac’
    • ‘The guacamole man comes over, splits open an avocado, adds all the right spices, and mixes your guac right in front of your eyes.’
    • ‘Though guac does have fat in it, it's the good kind that's packed with vitamins.’
    • ‘Having been a judge who helped choose the nominees I got a front seat, complete with complimentary chips and guac.’
    • ‘The chips used to consume the tons of guac - as they call it in California - will surely number in the billions.’
    • ‘The French cut's been rubbed in tequila to make it "drunken" and is topped with a dollop of bright green tomatillo guac.’
    • ‘Pile on the guac, which contains hefty doses of fiber, vitamins and minerals, as well as phytonutrients that can help protect against prostate cancer.’
    • ‘After our shrimphead guac, we settled down for our lunch sushi platters.’
    • ‘The $1.99 price tag for smaller portions of guac and queso is unusually user-friendly.’
    • ‘I pile on some faintly garlicked guac and make short work of a yummy ground-beef enchilada, although I know the enchilada gravy could taste more emphatically of red chilis.’
    • ‘It comes with delightfully light guac and red onions pickled with vinegar, cumin, cloves and canella.’



/ɡwäk/ /ɡwɑk/


1980s abbreviation.