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  • A large tree-dwelling bird of tropical American rainforests.

    Family Cracidae (the guan family): several genera, especially Penelope. The guan family also includes curassows and chachalacas

    ‘One of the habituated birds I remember best was a piping guan - a chicken-sized bird normally found only in the highest treetops - that chose to nest only two yards from a building under construction.’
    • ‘Those who prefer altitude can climb the lodge's seven-story, 115-foot canopy tower and stop at each level to observe tanagers, jacamars, guans, and oropendulas in action.’
    • ‘Furthermore, fruits in the forest canopy support a disproportionately high amount of bird biomass, because in general frugivores tend to be very large (e.g. guans, toucans, parrots, pigeons).’
    • ‘The mountain guan is an obligate primary-forest bird that has been extirpated from the forest within the last 10 to 20 years.’



/ɡwän/ /ɡwɑn/


Late 17th century via American Spanish from Miskito kwamu.