Definition of guarantor in English:



  • 1A person or thing that gives or acts as a guarantee.

    ‘the role of the police as guarantors of public order’
    • ‘His veterans were settled on confiscated land (especially in Campania and Etruria) as guarantors of his order.’
    • ‘The presentation of virtue or triumph rivaled rank in importance, for the great were also the guarantors of right order.’
    • ‘They still dreamed of a decentralized provincial order in which the privileges of the ancient estates would be cocooned, but now the monarchy was seen not as the enemy of that order but as its guarantor.’
    • ‘Given that several states had held blacks in slavery for generations, the states no longer seemed like the primary guarantors of liberty.’
    • ‘They and the public databases are the guarantors of the human genome.’
    • ‘Morale and enthusiasm were high and the number of new people soared despite the insistence on having a proper guarantor in order to be admitted to the dojo.’
    • ‘This is generally taken to cover situations in which banks may be liable to borrowers and potential borrowers, to the shareholders, directors, creditors, and guarantors of borrowers and potential borrowers, and even to other lenders.’
    • ‘For example, democratic thinking, particularly within the liberal tradition, contains conceptions of rights as freedom of action and also of rights as guarantors of security.’
    • ‘So, under the common law, as your Honours know, if a guarantee was to be given by two guarantors and one did not sign, then it is not binding on the other.’
    • ‘That is, they saw the structural constitution as itself a guarantor of rights.’
    • ‘So far, we have not referred to the practice of landlords requiring a tenant or assignee of a lease to provide guarantors or sureties for his performance of the covenants in the lease.’
    • ‘The committee organises guarantors to release candidates.’
    • ‘I have listened to several conference calls addressing the myriad issues associated with the financial guarantors (credit insurers).’
    • ‘Limited numbers of lightly armed troops are introduced and situated between the combatants, and they provide a symbolic guarantor of the peace.’
    • ‘The possibility of state responsibility is not precluded, but the scheme of these civil liability treaties involves states only as guarantors of the operators' strict liability, or in providing additional compensation funds.’
    • ‘Should a problem materialise within a specified period of time after purchase, the guarantor usually undertakes to repair or replace the product free of charge.’
    • ‘Kings emerged from the seventeenth-century crisis as secular guarantors of political and social order, along the lines of Thomas Hobbes's social contract theory.’
    • ‘But it was also thought of as a guarantor of common liberties.’
    • ‘The prince thus formed the capstone on the edifice of privilege, the ultimate guarantor of the social hierarchy.’
    • ‘But if our military is the only guarantor against a total breakdown how can its presence be counterproductive?’
    1. 1.1Law A person or organization that provides a guarantee.
      • ‘The second defendants are sued as guarantors of the cargo's proportion of general average, but the proceedings have not been served on them.’
      • ‘There was initially a view put by the respondents who were guarantors of the tenant's obligations that indeed a new lease came into existence as a result of those negotiations.’
      • ‘The third party claim amounts to the guarantors asserting a claim and that is not permissible.’
      • ‘In Ohio a guarantor is a surety and has the statutory and common law rights and obligations discussed above under Accommodation Party.’
      • ‘I should also say the position was that all the beneficiaries were also guarantors.’
      warrantor, guarantee, underwriter, voucher, sponsor, supporter, backer
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