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  • 1A rail that prevents people from falling off or being hit by something.

    ‘the top bunk has a solid guardrail’
    • ‘With the boat beached and the bow tilted up, a guard rail prevented him from taking aim at the enemy.’
    • ‘It was amazing to see men, women, and children alike chasing the moving bus, hopping on to the steps, then pulling themselves into the vehicle by using the guard rail or the door as a level of sorts.’
    • ‘If not, consider putting up a guard rail or steel posts to reduce this risk.’
    • ‘Then he walked over to the guard rail and plummeted 100 feet to his death.’
    • ‘The beast in question was a trifle frisky in the sale ring and confined Aunty Pam behind the guard rail.’
    • ‘The deck was flush to the edge with only a waist-high wire guard rail strung along the tops of plastic posts.’
    • ‘The guard rails were insufficient in height and construction to prevent falls.’
    • ‘None of the fences will have guard rails and the obstacles have been approvated by the Jockey Club.’
    • ‘There's often no handholds where there should be handholds, or guard rails where there should be guard rails.’
    • ‘A lone figure stood out on the edge of the platform, leaning lightly on the guard rails anchored there.’
    • ‘There were no guard rails, so working on the decks while underway must have been hazardous.’
    • ‘We did have guard rails for disabled people and children on the fishing platforms but they've all been kicked in or ripped off with tools.’
    • ‘In Ramsbury, the primary school is to receive £2,000 for guard rails and other pedestrian access improvements.’
    • ‘Like punk artists, I began to draw connections and think about a postmodern world where people viewed their fears and fantasies in front of a TV screen or behind a guard rail.’
    • ‘At 5.20 pm we watched as, wearing full scuba gear, he clung to the guard rail and the ship crashed beneath the waves.’
    • ‘After a tour of the upper barn, I walked to the Museum entrance at Bonifant Road and sat on the guard rail to watch the sunrise.’
    • ‘However, as Bret was walking back to his corner on the ring apron, Owen was whipped into the ropes, knocking Bret off and into the guard rail.’
    • ‘The drainage layer, the guard rail for the service stair, and the ‘flush’ first floor items were not dealt with.’
    • ‘Their parents stood on the other side of the guard rail, glaring at us.’
    • ‘In Boston Chris decided to go street skating and decided to jump off of a roof with a guard rail on it over the sidewalk into the street.’
    1. 1.1mainly North American A strong fence at the side of a road or in the middle of an expressway, intended to reduce the risk of serious accidents.
      British term crash barrier
      ‘The vehicle skidded and collided with the interstate guard rail.’
      • ‘Above us, the guard rail of the elevated east-bound lane was shredded, making it look like the Lincoln had torn through it and nose-dived into the bus.’
      • ‘The driver lost control under icy road conditions, the van hit the guard rail and flipped over.’
      • ‘After trying to regain control for a very few seconds, Romeo's new blue truck, given to him as an early graduation present, slammed into the guard rail of a small bridge and flipped into a creek bed.’
      • ‘I collided with a guard rail, and I saw vehicles breeze by.’
      • ‘It could also prove cheaper than erecting longer guard rails and also prevent vehicles possibly being diverted back into the path of following traffic after hitting a guard rail.’
      • ‘The road was icy and I just slid off and hit the guard rail.’
      • ‘Moments later, the white and red pickup bucked over the guard rail.’
      • ‘The older man glances back at the car smashed against the guard rail.’
      • ‘The guard rail comes so close to my passenger door that I could probably reach out and touch it.’
      • ‘We ran into the guard rail and I could hear the right headlight smash in on itself.’
      • ‘The motor vehicle hit a tree, poll, or guard rail in 21%, and rolled over in 17%.’
      • ‘Overpasses, trees and guard rails zip past on either side. It's like a video game, but there are no obstacles or challenges along the road.’
      • ‘When he had covered said distance, he noticed, not without surprise, that the engine of his vehicle sputtered and died, causing the police car to strike the edge of a guard rail.’
      • ‘Apparently the car veered across the center line at a high rate of speed and broke through the guard rail before falling the 27 feet into the Susquehanna River.’
      • ‘Sooner or later, the coke fiend behind the wheel is going to go straight through the guard rail and wrap the front end of the car around a tree.’
      • ‘They slid toward a drop-off where there was no guard rail, and their vehicle, of course, went over the ledge.’
      • ‘For the next half hour, as the rusting guard rails and shoulder-high weeds of the median whirred past, I lost my orientation.’
      • ‘The sound effects make you want to swerve head-on into the guard rails to miss whatever it is that you haven't seen.’
      • ‘To avoid the guard rails, I went into the grass and then landed in a stream, so I got rather wet.’



/ˈɡärdrāl/ /ˈɡɑrdreɪl/