Definition of guenon in English:



  • An African monkey found mainly in forests, with a long tail and typically a brightly colored coat. The male is much larger than the female.

    Genus Cercopithecus, family Cercopithecidae: several species, including the vervet, mona, and Diana monkeys

    ‘Putty-nosed monkeys belong to a group of African monkeys called guenons.’
    • ‘We focused on the vocal behavior of the adult male because other studies have shown that adult male guenons produce predator-specific alarm calls in response to eagles and leopards.’
    • ‘Two indels were present in exons: a five amino acid deletion in exon 9 was present in humans and apes, and a single amino acid deletion in exon 14 occurred in cercopithecine Old World monkeys (macaque and guenon).’
    • ‘The social tensions particular to zoo life can distract males from reproducing - a male guenon in a dysfunctional family group, for example, can become so preoccupied with aggressive behavior that he ignores the females.’
    • ‘And at least three picked up the virus from separate animals - a gorilla, a mandrill and a type of monkey called a De Brazza's guenon - based on comparison of viral DNA sequences in their blood with those from the animals.’



/ɡəˈnän/ /ɡəˈnɑn/


Mid 19th century from French, of unknown origin.