Definition of guidebook in English:



  • A book of information about a place, designed for the use of visitors or tourists.

    • ‘Outside, office workers are hurrying home and the city's more adventurous tourists, guidebooks open at the Where to Eat page, are out hunting a restaurant for dinner.’
    • ‘Tourist industry guidebooks always tell you to tip handsomely.’
    • ‘Tourist guidebooks are full of stories about the tricks that rickshaw drivers pull on unsuspecting tourists.’
    • ‘They ended up lost, in a part of Dublin not promoted in the tourist guidebooks and one of them had a bright idea.’
    • ‘Begin thought up the idea when a tour guide operator called him asking if he wanted to place an ad in a tourist guidebook.’
    • ‘Our tourist guidebook had given little attention to the town and we now saw why.’
    • ‘Information in the mainstream guidebooks being predictably thin, I turned to the ultimate travel guidebook - the Internet.’
    • ‘It is a shame that the museum does not offer descriptive text in English or a guidebook to assist the visitor to learn more about what's on show.’
    • ‘The guidebook is available from local book shops and tourist centres, price €9.95.’
    • ‘I had read all these horror stories in guidebooks and western travelers had told me others, but all I saw was this incredible hospitality in India.’
    • ‘You can view much of what it has to offer by car, following any of the eight auto tours mapped out in guidebooks available at the three visitor centers.’
    • ‘What did the guidebooks tell nineteenth century travellers?’
    • ‘I have never really had much use for guidebooks, except of course to check out a few facts and those being mostly on a cultural basis.’
    • ‘He bought a travel guidebook with addresses of places to eat and sent off applications.’
    • ‘His son did the research for a guidebook to Italy which was a popular companion on the Grand Tour.’
    • ‘He said they had well marked walks with information on local history, flora and fauna and excellent guidebooks for the longer walks.’
    • ‘Later on, this would also mean that his books of poetry and his guidebooks to English counties did tend to get reviewed.’
    • ‘Part of the fun of preparing for a holiday is buying guidebooks before you leave, and then pawing over the pages in anticipation.’
    • ‘Today, the company has more than 600 guidebooks that cover the globe.’
    • ‘There are many guidebooks to Montreal and this is a look at only a small selection of them.’
    guide, travel guide, tourist guide, Baedeker, travelogue
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