Definition of guided imagery in English:

guided imagery


mass noun
  • A method of relaxation which concentrates the mind on positive images in an attempt to reduce pain, stress, etc.

    • ‘Patients were chosen at random to be given standard care or an alternative therapy - guided imagery, stress relaxation, healing touch or intercessory prayer sent from various denominations from all over the world.’
    • ‘Many patients have found relaxation therapy, guided imagery, and other methods of relieving tension helpful.’
    • ‘Many patients have found relaxation therapy, guided imagery, or other methods of relieving tension helpful.’
    • ‘As well as nutrition, I also use reflexology, Reiki, stress management therapy, head and shoulder massage, relaxation training, guided imagery and colour, style and image makeover as part of complementary cancer care.’
    • ‘Alternative therapies involving massage, art, relaxation, music and guided imagery can help mitigate anxiety and stress.’
    • ‘Interventions used infrequently by the respondents include biofeedback, guided imagery, music, relaxation techniques, meditation, and therapeutic touch.’
    • ‘This session will describe and present a variety of modalities used in practice, including acupuncture, acupressure, guided imagery, and Koryo hand therapy.’
    • ‘The studied interventions included psychotherapy, psychodrama, cognitive behavior therapy, relaxation therapy, and guided imagery or hypnosis.’
    • ‘More structured techniques, such as progressive muscle relaxation and neutral guided imagery may be more suited for these individuals.’
    • ‘Earlier studies have indicated that relaxation and guided imagery have improved quality of life.’
    • ‘This is a modest example of what can be done through relaxation, guided imagery and hypnosis.’
    • ‘Along with full-service conventional care, these hospitals offer natural therapies like acupuncture, guided imagery, and massage as adjunct or stand-alone treatments.’
    • ‘The therapist uses guided imagery incorporating soothing images provided by the client.’
    • ‘Over three interviews, the interviewers attempted to implant the memory for the false event using encouragement, context reinstatement, guided imagery, and instructing daily recall attempts.’
    • ‘All received medical treatment, but four groups also got one of the following: touch therapy, relaxation training, lessons in using guided imagery or being prayed for without their knowledge.’
    • ‘Evidence from researchers at Hull University suggests many people benefit from relaxation therapy, hypnotherapy and guided imagery in which patients are taught to visualise their bodies' defences vanquishing tumours.’
    • ‘Listening to guided imagery audiotapes is a simple method to help patients use their imaginations to create images of temporary escape and relaxation that elicit a sense of well-being.’
    • ‘If possible, measures such as massage therapy, music therapy, guided imagery and distraction should be tried to help manage pain.’
    • ‘Hypnosis, guided imagery, deep breathing and muscle relaxation can all be used to control pain.’
    • ‘My preference would be a hypnotherapist or a practitioner of interactive guided imagery, to see if you can use the mind/body connection to promote healing of the bladder.’