Definition of guidon in English:



  • A pennant that narrows to a point or fork at the free end, especially one used as the standard of a light cavalry regiment.

    • ‘British cavalry standards and guidons are made of crimson silk embroidered with the appropriate regimental badges and insignia and battle honours.’
    • ‘The parade will involve soldiers from throughout the nation, past and present equipment and a gathering of all the army's colours, guidons, banners and standards along with the first public parade of the new Army Banner.’
    • ‘The men of the Australian Light Horse have been honoured at Melbourne's Shrine of Remembrance with a commemorative service and a handover of regimental guidons to the shrine's trustees.’
    • ‘Army Reserve Capt. Scott Pierce, commander A Co., 2nd Battalion, 417th Regiment, Waterbury Conn., displays his company guidon with the assistance of Golden Knight Sgt. 1st Class Brent Dixon.’
    • ‘With all due respect, I'd also like to remind Major General Tait that the colors red and white are the colors of a cavalry guidon, just as dark blue and white are the colors of an infantry guidon.’
    • ‘The history of 30th Signal Battalion changed Oct.16, 2002, when it reorganized under an Army directive and added a different guidon to its roster.’
    • ‘The change should not affect daily operations, but will be apparent in the units) new designations, flags, guidons, colors, and insignias.’
    • ‘There, the 45th Infantry Brigade will pass the guidon to the 34th Division this year.’
    • ‘A guidon is traditionally carried by cavalry units in battle and marks the rally point for the troops before commencing the battle.’
    • ‘Lt. Col. Michael Fortanas relinquished command of the 730th by passing the guidon to Colonel Robertson, who passed it to Master Sgt.’
    • ‘It's important for the outgoing commander to help the unit to understand that when the guidon is passed, there should be a transfer of loyalty.’
    • ‘I did this for over a year prior to taking command, so when the time came for me to accept the guidon, I had already digested my own thoughts, opinions, and ideas concerning how I wanted to do business.’
    • ‘Waiting until the day you receive the guidon is, I would argue, too late.’
    • ‘We lost one man to a mortal injury and several were wounded; of the enemy, several were killed, wounded, or taken prisoner, and five guidons were captured.’
    • ‘The ceremony ended with the band playing while the unit guidon was unveiled for the assembly.’
    • ‘Representing the Marine Corps, LTG Robert M. Shea, director of Command, Control, Communications and Computer Systems for The Joint Staff, hung the streamer on each unit's guidon.’
    • ‘The book completes Wittenberg's literary efforts to bring to life the ‘trials and tribulations of the horse soldiers who followed Custer's guidon.’’
    • ‘The Royal Yeomanry band played the Regimental Anthem as we all marched along with the Squadron's guidon, or colours, swords and guns with fixed bayonets.’
    • ‘But I think it's more likely that it will have only a tangential operational effect, and that there are more than enough lieutenants willing to carry on OBL's guidon.’
    • ‘The old Yeomanry guidon and uniforms are displayed in the museum there.’
    banner, standard, ensign, pennant, pennon, banderole, streamer, jack


Mid 16th century from French, from Italian guidone, from guida ‘a guide’.