Definition of guilloche in English:


Pronunciation /ɡəˈlōSH/ /ɡəˈloʊʃ/


  • Architectural ornamentation resembling braided or interlaced ribbons.

    ‘a wide strip of eight-strand guilloche’
    as modifier ‘a guilloche border’
    • ‘In the carpet a foliate guilloche border replaced the geometric, more architectural guilloche border of the drawing.’
    • ‘In addition, the decoration incorporates translucent, opaque, guilloche, and champleve enamels as well as a garland of cast-gold and enameled flowers.’
    • ‘Registers of incised lotus chains, guilloche, and wave patterns, separated by sets of ridges, decorate the surface of the Azoria piece.’
    • ‘The most jealously guarded technical secret of his workshops, and their main claim to fame, was their transparent, or guilloche, enamel.’
    • ‘They had at their disposal more than 140 colors of enamel and dozens of guilloche patterns.’
    • ‘The egg is enamelled in cobalt blue on a shell of guilloche (elaborately patterned) sterling silver.’
    • ‘The stand is decorated with a complex array of stamped motifs in registers, including guilloches, disk-and-lozenge motifs, outlined tongues, and linked shield bosses, separated by groups of incised bands.’
    • ‘For example, Deacon John Moore is affiliated with the foliated vine group; Aaron Cook with the ogee molding group; and William Buell with the guilloche group.’
    • ‘In the eastern part there was a large lekane with two registers of impressed relief decoration: one with a guilloche band, and the other with alternating cranes and sphinxes.’
    • ‘The oval shape, the guilloche, or engine-turned, ground overlaid with translucent enamel, and the contrasts of translucent and opaque areas are all copied from French boxes.’
    • ‘The reused pithos is decorated in relief with a guilloche band and a register of cranes.’


Mid 19th century from French guillochis, denoting the ornamentation, or guilloche, a carving tool.



/ɡəˈlōSH/ /ɡəˈloʊʃ/