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guinea fowl

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nounplural noun guinea fowl

  • A large African game bird with slate-colored, white-spotted plumage and a loud call. It is sometimes domesticated.

    Family Numididae (or Phasianidae): several genera and species, e.g., the helmeted guineafowl (Numida meleagris)

    ‘It has a restful, out-of-the-way atmosphere and is named after the flocks of guineafowl that frequent the nearby field.’
    • ‘The top photo is of a Pearl or ‘wild type’ guineafowl with black and white spotted feathers.’
    • ‘Though primarily found in rainforests, some guineafowl live in open-country habitats other than the desert, such as grasslands and plains with thickets and brush.’
    • ‘The helmeted guineafowl is the ancestor of the domestic guineafowl’
    • ‘Other considerations are the same as for the entire family of guineafowl.’


guinea fowl

/ˈɡinē ˌfoul/ /ˈɡɪni ˌfaʊl/