Definition of gun-shy in English:


Pronunciation /ˈɡənˌSHī/ /ˈɡənˌʃaɪ/

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  • 1(especially of a hunting dog) alarmed at the report of a gun.

    ‘Weapons training can be troubling for the gun-shy.’
    • ‘Some countries are gun-shy, hesitant to send peacekeepers into what the Pentagon now admits is a raging guerrilla war.’
    1. 1.1(of a person) nervous and apprehensive.
      ‘she's still gun-shy about new relationships’
      • ‘But if you put pressure on him, he's awful throwing outside the pocket and also has a tendency to get gun-shy, and he starts throwing off his back foot.’
      • ‘Some companies, gun-shy for fear that anything they say could be used against them in court, are even refusing to discuss their plans to comply with laws to stop telemarketing and e-mail abuses.’
      • ‘So what does the 26-page report say to reassure gun-shy men who fear they might be put through the ringer by biased child custody awards or draconian child support laws?’
      • ‘But if psychology is in fact beginning to shift in Europe, it could well make it easier for gun-shy governments to push through more meaningful reforms.’
      • ‘With the stock market grinding down the value of shares, gun-shy investors are flocking to bonds to diversify assets and safeguard their investment dollars.’
      • ‘The great shame of all this is that rather than attract capital to New Zealand, we are now getting ourselves into a situation where potential investors are starting to become gun-shy.’
      • ‘The players aren't gun-shy, so often the pots are huge.’
      • ‘Despite all the money that the central bank has pumped out, industrial companies remain gun-shy about taking on new debt to finance investment.’
      • ‘The fear of public disapproval made presidents gun-shy.’
      • ‘No wonder so many people dislike and ignore advertising, and so many business owners feel gun-shy about investing in serious campaigns.’
      • ‘Tech execs are understandably gun-shy about expressing optimism.’
      • ‘Once this starts working, you'll be less gun-shy about selling higher-priced items.’
      • ‘Drew is gun-shy talking about himself, knowing all too well his reputation.’
      • ‘That's part of being careful and taking care of yourself - that's not being gun-shy.’
      • ‘She's a gun-shy divorcee whose surround-sound biological clock is ticking so loudly that everyone - from her senile aunt to her nosy butcher - is scrambling to set her up.’
      • ‘Even before this incident, Republicans in the South had grown increasingly gun-shy on the preference issue.’
      • ‘But he is sometimes a little gun-shy about partisan conflicts.’
      • ‘Surprisingly, the U.S. government was a bit gun-shy about switching subs from diesel engines and batteries to nuclear fuel.’
      • ‘I was really gun-shy about signing anything, let alone signing a contract with a management company.’
      • ‘Did it make you gun-shy about attempting a super-production like that as a director?’