Definition of h/t in English:


(also HT)


  • short for hat tip

    ‘ h/t to WL for his editorial assistance’
    • ‘ HT to C. Trent for the link’
    • ‘HT to our commenters for first raising this question.’
    • ‘HT to Mr. Hummel for filling me in on the convergence of Southern and Northern incomes after the Civil War.’
    • ‘HT to Soccer Mom for sharing this link.’
    • ‘Compose and share a post with a link to the source and then add an 'h/t' to the person who brought it to your attention.’
    • ‘It took me a while to figure out that 'h/t' stood for 'hat tip'—a tip of the hat being a way of acknowledging someone, back in the days when men wore hats.’