Definition of habilitation in English:


Pronunciation /həˌbiləˈtāSHən/


See habilitate

‘Of course, it did not escape him, that the number of doctorates, habilitations, and docents slowly but surely fell off, although the number of students increased considerably.’
  • ‘She submitted a thesis for her habilitation to the University of Berlin but it was not immediately accepted.’
  • ‘In 1847 Eisenstein received his habilitation from the University of Berlin and began to lecture.’
  • ‘He submitted his habilitation to the University of Göttingen in 1912 and earned the right to teach there, which indeed he did as a Privatdozent.’
  • ‘After receiving his doctorate, Neumann studied for his habilitation and he submitted his thesis to the University of Halle.’
  • ‘Wirtinger studied at the University of Vienna, and it was from that University that he received his doctorate in 1887 and his habilitation in 1890.’
  • ‘Frank received his habilitation and was appointed a lecturer in the University of Vienna in 1910.’
  • ‘He spent time in both Warsaw and Krakow and on 26 June obtained his habilitation and began lecturing as a docent.’
  • ‘He completed his studies at Zurich where he was awarded his habilitation, thus gaining the right to teach in universities.’
  • ‘Then he moved to Moscow University where he received his habilitation.’