Definition of habitus in English:



  • 1A person's general constitution, especially physical build.

    ‘the patient's vital signs and body habitus should be noted’
    • ‘He doesn't have the body habitus for severe sleep apnea.’
    • ‘Research is needed to determine the efficacy and cost-effectiveness of alternative means for detecting conditions not amenable to physical examination because of a patient's body habitus.’
    • ‘This border varies in position according to body habitus as well as disease.’
    • ‘Not all x-rays were readable because his habitus (ie, body build) sometimes interfered with the area that needed examination.’
    • ‘Physiologic changes in the elder habitus often affect the dosing and choice of medication.’
    • ‘The accuracy of ultrasonography greatly depends on operator experience and maternal body habitus.’
    • ‘On physical examination, the patient's vital signs (particularly temperature and blood pressure) and body habitus should be noted.’
    • ‘Their large body habitus and associated serious comorbidities make patients who are morbidly obese high-risk surgical candidates who require careful planning and implementation of patient care.’
    • ‘If the procedure is planned in advance, an enterostomal therapy nurse will mark a location on the patient's abdomen that matches the patient's contours, waist and belt line, and body habitus.’
    • ‘Their large body habitus and comorbidities render them high-risk surgical candidates requiring thorough planning and implementation of care.’
    • ‘Some people - especially women - may switch to vegetarianism as a means of restricting energy intake to attain the lean body habitus favored in some sports.’
    • ‘He had a thin body habitus and appeared comfortable at rest.’
    • ‘We investigated these and other measures of body habitus as potential confounders.’
    • ‘On the contrary, experiences of anorexia drew directly from people's habitus, from their everyday relationships and experiences with people, places, food, bodies, sexuality and gender relations.’
    • ‘However, until the millipede specimens described herein were discovered there was no concrete morphological evidence to support the terrestrial habitus of the oldest millipedes.’
    • ‘Just as we all vary in height and body habitus, everyone has their own personal maximum heart rate genetically ‘hardwired’.’
    • ‘Therefore, this class-specific, gendered habitus would operate across the public/private divide.’
    • ‘During pregnancy, a woman undergoes many physiological and hormonal changes that can alter her metabolism and body habitus.’
    • ‘The officials, from the same habitus as the runners, control the sport and impose penalties when they detect infringements of the rules.’
    • ‘Hybrids are most easily recognizable by their intermediate habitus.’
  • 2The way a person of a particular background perceives and reacts to the world.

    • ‘depending on their position in a given social field they develop a certain habitus typical of their position’



/ˈhabədəs/ /ˈhæbədəs/


Late 19th century from Latin.