Definition of hackerspace in English:



  • A place in which people with an interest in computing or technology can gather to work on projects while sharing ideas, equipment, and knowledge.

    ‘we've seen some folks at our local hackerspace try to patch into the remote control itself’
    • ‘So now I'm looking for a hackerspace frequented by radio hams.’
    • ‘I don't think there's a hackerspace, user group, or open-source-related organization anywhere that wouldn't declare you an ex officio member on the spot.’
    • ‘For the hacker in your life who loves to meet people, a membership to a local hackerspace is a fantastic gift.’
    • ‘Since a hackerspace is essentially a non-profit meeting place, it's a difficult process to start your own.’
    • ‘Call up your local hackerspace and see if they're willing to buy (or even take donations, which we'll get to later).’
    • ‘We have probably a dozen 3D printers of different types at our local hackerspace and we're constantly using them not just to print parts for geeky projects like robots, but common items like replacement faceplates and knobs for equipment, and for craft items like cookie cutters and jewelry.’
    • ‘Student Research and Development (StudentRND) is a student-run non-profit which is somewhere between a hackerspace and an incubator for students interested in technology.’
    • ‘There's a hackerspace in San Francisco that's equipping hardware startups with the tools they need to get up and running for a mere $125 per month.’
    • ‘Get your hackerspace, maker group, or team of friends who tinker in your basement and prepare your best projects and innovations to be presented to the BSides Las Vegas conference.’
    • ‘A team at the hackerspace used Neurosky's EEG headsets in their recently unveiled Brain Bats project - a giant, "Pong-like" game where headset-wearing players controlled the location of digital paddles on the over-sized game board with their minds.’



/ˈhakərˌspās/ /ˈhækərˌspeɪs/