Definition of hacky in English:


adjectiveadjective hackier, adjective hackiest

  • 1Lacking originality; hackneyed.

    • ‘we already know what those hacky punchlines are going to be’
    • ‘the talented actors do what they can with the hacky dialogue’
    • ‘For all of DA's heroic rejection of early-80s production crud (synths, hacky reverb, boomy drums), this album seems to revel in its very 1986-ness.’
    • ‘He will start each bit with a sarcastic, hacky premise, but follows them up with such off-the-wall punch lines.’
    • ‘Once again it seems like a hacky premise.’
    • ‘Check it out, no hacky jokes in this whole paragraph.’
    • ‘So while I would love to lay all the failings of the movie at her incredibly hacky feet, it wouldn't be fair to absolve him of the role he played in botching the movie.’
    • ‘It eschews cheesy reenactments with hacky actors overemoting, unlike too many similar shows.’
    • ‘I remember we were doing the last show of the season, and he was doing this Honeymooners sketch using hip-hop slang - it's kind of hacky, but I remember Jim Carrey walking into everybody's office trying to get jokes for it.’
    • ‘They're just walking punchline machines, and because the characters are so firmly locked in as "types," we already know what those hacky punchlines are going to be.’
    • ‘The writers pigeon-hole him with too many hacky racial jokes.’
    • ‘With such a hacky burden to bear, it comes as no surprise that the film never really takes flight.’
    • ‘Secretly, I'd always wanted to write an entire set of hacky jokes from a baby's perspective.’
    • ‘The prose is hackier and more clichéd than it used to be.’
    • ‘The jokes occasionally veer into hackier than hack territory but any piece with giant robots and mobster lobsters from Las Vegas is okay by me.’
    • ‘I mean, he's the very most hackiest of the hacks, but he's also the child of two serious conservative intellectuals.’
    • ‘The feature begins with Jordan's early family life and his initial attempts to get onto his school basketball team, the failure of which has become the hackiest of anecdotes for many a sportscaster.’
    overused, overworked, overdone, worn out, time-worn, platitudinous, vapid, stale, tired, threadbare
  • 2(of a piece of computer code) providing a clumsy or inelegant solution to a particular problem.

    • ‘I realize this is a hacky workaround but I don't have time to investigate a more solid fix’
    • ‘It's nice to see someone else struggle with the hacky css and obvious formatting problems.’
    • ‘It's a grotesque and hacky travesty of application compatibility, but there you go.’
    • ‘It works, but it's all very hacky and much slower than it needs to be.’
    • ‘Also, the phones socket was at 90 degrees to the phone, so it wouldn't drop into a pocket and never worked well. A hacky mess.’
    • ‘Basically, they have taken stock footage of the west and put a couple of kids in front of them using hacky green screen.’
    • ‘Oh sure, you can pretend that it scales by flipping on Large Fonts, or modifying the DPI setting in control panel, but these are just hacky workarounds with major side effects.’
    • ‘Looking at the code, the process of inserting actions into the input loop can be viewed as somewhat hacky.’
    • ‘Given how obsessed most of the ruby code I've witnessed seems to be with making "clever" or "funky" (read "hacky and unmaintainable") low level language constructs, I shudder to think how awful this is likely to be.’
    • ‘I guess you never really forget how to write programs, they just get less clever as time goes on. You drop all those unreadable hacky things in favour of stolid dependable code.’



/ˈhakē/ /ˈhæki/