Definition of Hadley cell in English:

Hadley cell


  • A large-scale atmospheric convection cell in which air rises at the equator and sinks at medium latitudes, typically about 30° north or south.

    ‘The near-surface equatorward branch of the Hadley cell is transporting cool air to warmer regions.’
    • ‘This movement causes the three Hadley cells in the northern hemisphere to ‘elongate’ southwards.’
    • ‘This cell, in contrast to the Hadley cells, straddles the equator and thus is very asymmetric.’
    • ‘This creates two great lobes of circulating gas, called Hadley cells, one in each hemisphere.’
    • ‘The atmosphere circulates around the planet in six giant, donut-like rings called Hadley cells.’


Hadley cell

/ˈhadlē ˌsel/ /ˈhædli ˌsɛl/


1950s named after George Hadley (1685–1768), English scientific writer.