Definition of hagiolatry in English:



  • 1The worship of saints.

    ‘The companion to media demonisation is the hagiolatry of Western leaders and apologetics for their crimes.’
    • ‘In this country and in USA there is a distinguished tradition of hagiolatry of these scoundrels.’
    • ‘But this kind of hagiolatry might spread the length and breadth of the continent with the appearance of further saints of this type.’
    • ‘It is calculated that more than 2,000 books have been published on him, but a great deal of it is hagiolatry, lacking critical rigour and dispassionate appraisal.’
    • ‘Nevertheless, the ceremony is one of the most ancient blessings, just as the cult of the Baptist is very ancient in Catholic hagiolatry.’
    1. 1.1Undue veneration of a famous person.
      ‘Writing on film is already trashy enough, already skewed by celebrity suck-up values and movie star hagiolatry.’
      • ‘Most biographies of him have been exercises in hagiolatry, failing to mention his considerable weaknesses.’



/ˌhaɡēˈälətrē/ /ˌhæɡiˈɑlətri/ /ˌhājēˈälətrē/ /ˌheɪdʒiˈɑlətri/ /ˌhāɡēˈälətrē/ /ˌheɪɡiˈɑlətri/