Definition of hagiological in English:



See hagiology

‘Loving, non-critical support could reinstate this hagiological chess figure to his former glory and put the royal game back in the media's crosshairs.’
  • ‘The record of the passion of St. Perpetua, St. Felicity and their companions is one of the greatest hagiological treasures that have come down to us.’
  • ‘The program included concerts of classical and Byzantine music, meetings of Byzantine choirs inside the church and a hagiological convention.’
  • ‘Muslim hagiological works, some reliable others not so reliable, too report on addition to Muslim population through conversions.’
  • ‘Today it numbers some 20 monks, well educated, who concentrate mainly upon the publishing of patristic, ascetic and hagiological books.’



/ˌhaɡēəˈläjəkəl/ /ˌhāɡēə-/