Definition of hagiologist in English:



See hagiology

‘The extravagance of all that the hagiologists claimed for him now seemed to make him a fraud.’
  • ‘The oldest hagiologists often describe at length the veneration in which they were held, and its manifestations, without indicating the manner in which it began.’
  • ‘These first two books were attempts to rescue two famous but quite different men from historical falsification, from the hagiologists in one case and from the demonologists in the other.’
  • ‘On the other hand, many poems occurring in Saints’ Lives are included when they appear to have been distinct compositions inserted by the hagiologist.’
  • ‘I'm not terribly interested in the dueling hagiologists and demonizers bickering over the historical legacy of the informant.’



/ˌhaɡēˈäləjəst/ /ˌhæɡiˈɑlədʒəst/