Definition of hair's breadth in English:

hair's breadth

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  • A very small amount or margin.

    ‘you escaped death by a hair's breadth’
    • ‘We were a hair's breadth away from declaring a major incident.’
    • ‘It is also our understanding that we missed two of the remaining three key indicators by a hair's breadth.’
    • ‘They were never going to accept that and the idea that they were within a hair's breadth of a deal is simply wrong.’
    • ‘Dig deeper, however, and what emerges is an Australian team that, for all its problems, has been just a hair's breadth off the top teams in the world this season.’
    • ‘We came within a hair's breadth of finishing the demo last night - in fact we finished it in a way, in that we completed the vocals and used up the last available tracks on the recording.’
    • ‘And as one character puts it, ‘We are a hair's breadth away from the biggest thing anyone has ever seen.’’
    • ‘In the first there was a simple, understandable lapse which every driver knows that he or she has avoided on occasions only by a hair's breadth.’
    • ‘Last year the two came within a hair's breadth of a land-for-peace deal.’
    • ‘The cops responded with tear gas and water cannons, coming within a hair's breadth of starting a stampede on several occasions.’
    • ‘Nevertheless, I must confess that today I came within a hair's breadth of spraying shaving cream under my arms instead of deodorant.’
    the narrowest of margins, a narrow margin, the skin of one's teeth, a split second, a fraction, a nose