Definition of hair clip in English:

hair clip

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  • A fastening device, typically ornamental, designed to hold a woman's hair in place.

    ‘she had a black flower-shaped hair clip’
    • ‘You may want to add a few well chosen rhinestone hair clips.’
    • ‘You want your hair to reflect that with a cute spiky do or a few added accessories like a sparkly hair clip or hairpins.’
    • ‘Loop them into large pin curls and clamp the sections down with the hair clips.’
    • ‘Her hair was curled with little corkscrews coming down, with a few extra sparkly hair clips in it.’
    • ‘Her blonde curled hair was piled on top of her head with great detail and she had beautiful crystal adorned hair clips keeping it in place.’
    • ‘Nothing does double duty so well as a crystal or jewel encrusted hair clip that will not only anchor a soft messy ballerina bun to the back of your head, but also add instant glitter.’
    • ‘They wanted to have just the right brooch or hair clip to accentuate their kimonos.’
    • ‘She found the hairclip she had been wearing most recently and pulled the sides of her hair into it.’
    • ‘When he interviewed me I was wearing a white blouse, a grey suit, high heels, and some thin hair clips studded with diamonds.’
    • ‘You know, I would like a new watch and a brown hair clip.’