Definition of hair grass in English:

hair grass


  • A slender-stemmed grass of temperate and cool regions.

    Deschampsia, Aira, and other genera, family Gramineae

    ‘High above tree line, this renegade group had survived nicely on a diet of heather, trailing azalea, tufted hair grass, and the leaves and stems of cowberries and blueberries.’
    • ‘Marshall suggests that climatic factors restrict the distribution of the grey hair grass to the south of this isotherm because the grass cannot germinate or flower in areas affected by low temperatures.’
    • ‘Crested hair grass has no special soil requirements and is therefore not sensitive to aridity.’
    • ‘Tufted hair grass is clump-forming, cool season grass which is often grown as an ornamental.’
    • ‘Tufted hair grass is an excellent specimen plant in a conventional or water garden.’


hair grass

/ˈher ˌɡras/ /ˈhɛr ˌɡræs/