Definition of hair of the dog in English:

hair of the dog


  • An alcoholic drink taken to cure a hangover.

    • ‘The team also experimented with the hair of the dog - or drinking a little more alcohol in the morning.’
    • ‘I started the day off trying to stave off my hangover with the hair of the dog.’
    • ‘Down the ages, there have been numerous ‘folk’ cures and remedies for hangovers, one of the best known being ‘the hair of the dog that bit you’ - another drink on waking.’
    • ‘A heavy night of drinking might be followed by a glass of salted water poured from the jar containing pickled cucumbers - a well-tested Russian hangover cure - accompanied by a shot of vodka as hair of the dog.’
    • ‘No need for hair of the dog and standing against accusations of being an alcoholic that way.’
    • ‘The hair of the dog that bit you is a dangerous slope but try a classic Bloody Mary, including basil leaves, Tabasco sauce, Worcestershire sauce, two shots of vodka and four shots of tomato juice.’
    • ‘I'm sure we'll be there, indulging in mad gayness and a little hair of the dog.’
    • ‘Have you ever taken a drink in the morning to relieve the symptoms of alcohol (commonly known as hair of the dog or an eye-opener)?’
    • ‘Well, a little hair of the dog would settle that.’
    • ‘They also had steaming mugs of hot coffee, laced with a hair of the dog that bit them for fortification.’