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  • Extremely alarming, astonishing, or frightening.

    ‘hair-raising adventures’
    • ‘A family is setting off on what many would consider a hair-raising adventure by upping roots and moving to the other side of the globe.’
    • ‘The howling of the sirens, which shriek to announce the beginning and end of each air raid alarm, merge into a single, hair-raising noise.’
    • ‘Even within such parameters I have had plenty of adventures of my own abroad, some more hair-raising than others.’
    • ‘Getting a real good hair-raising scare will produce an increase in an individual's terror.’
    • ‘Even a thought of this kind might be hair-raising.’
    • ‘They had vast tracts of possession, got themselves into some highly promising field positions but were undone at the tackle zone with hair-raising regularity.’
    • ‘Dogs howled or let out hair-raising deep-guttural sounds.’
    • ‘A number of large financial advisers have bought the membership list and are bombarding policyholders with some fairly hair-raising literature.’
    • ‘Bristling with wit and invention, these tales are full of hair-brained schemes, hair-raising moments, and incredibly close shaves.’
    • ‘In the afternoon, I encountered another hair-raising incident.’
    • ‘It's not as hair-raising as I thought it might be - mostly uniforms in display cases and a cannon in the middle of the room.’
    • ‘Four asylum-seekers spent 18 hair-raising hours clinging to the underneath of a coach in an attempt to get into the UK.’
    • ‘The hair-raising charity event may yet turn out to be the least perilous experience of the 43-year-old's recent career.’
    • ‘To that end, he embarked upon wholesale change: 14 players in and 14 out during that hair-raising first season.’
    • ‘The short second act ends with the vow of martyrdom, setting the stage for one of the most hair-raising operatic finales.’
    • ‘Their caustic relationship alternates between comic turns and hair-raising go-for-blood verbal combat.’
    • ‘They can be pretty hair-raising, these happy endings.’
    • ‘Fifteen minutes later, after hair-raising swerving and lane-changing, we ended up at a gem-dealer.’
    • ‘Viewers could not help screaming and offering instant forgiveness because the hair-raising act had been so nearly perfect.’
    • ‘Then he has the other cars brought closer together and repeats the hair-raising movement into such a confined space that one of them has to be moved to let him out again.’
    terrifying, frightening, petrifying, alarming, chilling, horrifying, shocking, scaring, spine-chilling, blood-curdling, appalling, dreadful, fearsome, nightmarish
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/ˈher ˌrāziNG/ /ˈhɛr ˌreɪzɪŋ/