Definition of hairband in English:


Pronunciation /ˈherˌband/ /ˈhɛrˌbænd/

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  • A band for securing or tying back one's hair.

    ‘They sported tank tops, identical hairbands and identical shiny hair.’
    • ‘There was the hairband in her hair, that was her mother's, too.’
    • ‘Rolling her eyes, she put a hairband in her hair, and headed out of the bedroom.’
    • ‘I'll be working with new summer-weight yarns and new styles - socks, shawls, cashmere and lambswool sweaters, even hairbands.’
    • ‘She is wearing blue eye liner and blue eye shadow and blue lip gloss and she has her hair tied up high with a blue hairband and two blue barrettes holding her hair in place.’
    • ‘She saw an exhausted waitress, blonde and dull-faced with a black hairband and clips put in her hair.’
    • ‘One has brought along some curious lilac fluffy spheres attached to a hairband, which she informs me are earmuffs.’
    • ‘No metal is used in the production of the allegedly innovative hairbands and clips, which come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours.’
    • ‘The girls in second class are very fashion conscious with their hairbands.’
    • ‘When plaits are not structured in graceful arches on the head, they are used as natural hairbands.’
    • ‘I have also discovered a large collection of Asian male students wearing hairbands.’
    • ‘She had diamonds in her hairband.’
    • ‘He confiscated her hairband as insurance of a future meeting.’
    • ‘I even made a catty remark about her hairband back in 1992, for which I'm truly sorry.’
    • ‘He pulled it as tight as he could again, and reapplied the black hairband.’
    • ‘She was wearing a beautiful dress with a hairband to match it and gold boots to set it off.’
    • ‘Are you allowed to have a mullet if you also where a hairband - where do you draw the line?’
    • ‘Two more seed pearls hung from her ear lobes while a white silk hairband restrained her curly hair.’
    • ‘Grimacing with annoyance, she tugged the end of her hair, her fingers curling round her favourite blue and silver hairband.’