Definition of haircare in English:



mass noun
  • The care of one's hair.

    as modifier ‘haircare products’
    • ‘She also learned from consumers that, unlike skincare, haircare products need to account for both hair type and the desired effect.’
    • ‘They have gone from strength to strength over the years and make a wide variety of cosmetics, toiletries and haircare products to suit anybody and any pocket!’
    • ‘Nowadays, just about every haircare line makes curl activated products.’
    • ‘They were so alike, with their flowing perfect blonde hair (a result of expensive haircare products), perfect figures and green eyes.’
    • ‘The company is launching a skin moisturiser later this year and has plans to develop a range of haircare products.’
    • ‘Remember I told you about how I met a cool guy at a party and we talked about haircare products?’
    • ‘The company, which focuses mainly on haircare products, is renowned worldwide.’
    • ‘By far the biggest spenders are the Norwegians and the Finns, who spent almost €50 and €38 per person on haircare products in 2002.’
    • ‘Also, haircare is a more unisex activity than say, getting a facial.’
    • ‘As an added incentive anyone who gives a gold coin will also go in the draw to win a basket of haircare products.’
    • ‘Fortunately, natural haircare is catching on.’
    • ‘The product's ethos is to produce prescriptive, problem-solving haircare.’
    • ‘Even non-professional haircare brands now offer sun-protection sprays.’
    • ‘We fall into an easy, scripted conversation about haircare.’
    • ‘For haircare products and deodorant, you put in how much you spend, and how many days it lasts.’
    • ‘After all, it took a decade of mergers and acquisitions for African Americans to cede their dominance of the black haircare market.’
    • ‘Why are there no discount loyalty cards offered by salons generally, given that many women spend substantial amounts on haircare?’
    • ‘She asked not only out of interest in the company but also because of personal concern about her own haircare.’
    • ‘She gave a very informative talk on how to improve haircare methods and gave lots of helpful hints to the women present.’
    • ‘More than 70 percent of women believe their hair is damaged, according to a survey conducted by the haircare company.’