Definition of haircloth in English:



  • Stiff cloth woven with a cotton or linen warp and horsehair weft.

    ‘Less tightly-woven haircloth provided stiffening for the lapels and coat-tails of European dandies.’
    • ‘And she wore haircloth upon her loins, and fasted all the days of her life, except the sabbaths, and new moons, and the feasts of the house of Israel.’
    • ‘Very early on, Christians began using haircloth as an instrument of self-torture by wearing it directly against the skin, which rapidly would be rubbed raw.’
    • ‘The haircloth goes over the chest area to provide extra shape and firmness.’
    • ‘Manufactures embrace woollen and worsted goods, silks, haircloths, crapes, stockings, gloves, shoes, paper, leather, iron implements, and malt.’



/ˈherˌklôTH/ /ˈhɛrˌklɔθ/