Definition of hairily in English:


Pronunciation /ˈhe(ə)rəlē/


See hairy

‘The cars, loaded to road-scraping lowness under stacked roof-racks, overtook us hairily.’
  • ‘She makes him a hugely, hairily captivating figure, but the personification of the monk as a beautiful woman adds a gratuitous erotic element.’
  • ‘Far worse was being confronted with a live specimen, which sat hairily and heavily on my palm.’
  • ‘Odd meters and mysterious rhythms are played hairily groovy - with a lot of personal freedom.’
  • ‘The day was filled with lots of hairily late drops… lots of sharing, smiles and camaraderie all round.’
  • ‘I didn't think it was a big deal until I had a hairily late parachute deployment at last December's launch.’
  • ‘But ah, how blessed am I to be ever awatched by that hairily heroic man.’
  • ‘He lives, hairily but slimly, in San Francisco.’
  • ‘The males of this species gather across the land and earnestly discuss football, a ritualized process in which regionally-identifiable teams of powerful men rumble hairily across large fields, slapping each other's bottoms whenever they manage to relocate an oblong leather ball in a fashion contrary to the intentions of their opponents.’
  • ‘Some rather primitive swing-boats flew in and out of this dim circle of light; coconuts rolled hairily from the sticks on which they had been planted; bottles were shivered by gun-shots and tinkled as they fell to the ground.’