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‘As a young man I observed extreme hairiness on older people (mainly men) but didn't realise it might happen to me in time.’
  • ‘It's surprising how many people are unaccustomed to hairiness.’
  • ‘A full description makes you take things more slowly: count stamens, measure sepals, check smoothness or hairiness and so on.’
  • ‘The groundbreaking computer graphics that made the original show so spellbinding have been improved to depict all the pesky hairiness of mammals.’
  • ‘There are other unwelcome side effects, including increased hairiness and acne.’
  • ‘Reported side effects include acne, hairiness and mood changes.’
  • ‘The software provides realistic sensations for 10 textures - softness, fullness, smoothness, hairiness, prickliness, drape, thickness, elasticity, rigidity and warmth.’
  • ‘In feeding blue butterflies, the wings are held slightly open to allow body basking, augmented by the hairiness of the dark body.’
  • ‘And of course that's still true in modern women and you can say that the differential between men and women in hairiness is a function of perhaps somewhat greater selection of mates by the men than the women.’
  • ‘Previous studies in multiple plant species have shown an association of both pigmentation and hairiness with cool temperatures.’



/ˈherēnəs/ /ˈhɛrinəs/