Definition of hairlike in English:



See hair

‘The wind stirs his hair-like feathers, at times blowing the avian equivalent of bangs across his ‘forehead’ but still he stands studying the water.’
  • ‘Their flowers range from deep carmine-red through mid-blue to purplish-pink and even beetroot, before giving way to fluffy, hair-like seed heads.’
  • ‘Even botanists agree that hair-like roots of mosses can absorb water from the thin layer of soil.’
  • ‘The hair-like crack shows up on an X-ray and can be treated without a plaster.’
  • ‘It refers to well-developed and hair-like long-fibered varieties of certain minerals that satisfy particular industrial needs.’
  • ‘Tiny electrodes are microfabricated along the walls of the hair-like capillaries, in essence creating a complex grid of electrodes.’
  • ‘The gecko tape is modeled on the gecko sole, an intricate fingernail-size surface covered with a half-million microscopic, hair-like structures known as setae.’
  • ‘The easiest way to deal with them is to roll them tightly and cut them into hair-like strips.’
  • ‘The flagellum is a corkscrew-shaped, hair-like appendage attached to the cell surface, which acts like a propeller, allowing the bacterium to swim.’
  • ‘If the tiny, hair-like cilia in the lungs do not function properly, mucus gets trapped in the bronchi, resulting in bronchiectasis.’