Definition of hairweaving in English:



  • The process of interweaving a hairpiece with one's own hair.

    ‘While aesthetic surgery is related in many ways to other physical interventions, from hairweaving to tattooing and body piercing, it is performed in the quite different context of the institution of medicine.’
    • ‘There seems to be some concurrence that hairweaving has it's ‘roots’ in Scandinavia.’
    • ‘She taught a hairweaving seminar for part of our Midsummer celebrations in 1997 which got us interested in this ancient craft.’
    • ‘This course will teach you the basics of pinch braiding for braid fusion, bonding, hairweaving, as well as advanced techniques including interlocking and tree braids.’
    • ‘A hairweaving specialist certificate authorizes the holder to practice the art of hairweaving, braiding, and extensions in a licensed beauty or specialty salon.’



/ˈherˌwēviNG/ /ˈhɛrˌwivɪŋ/